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      Welcome to Da Bai Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

      We are more efficient in designing.

      According to the needs of the sales engineers, the sales engineer will design the exclusive application solutions for you and the system will be efficient.

      Choose us to be more precise.

      Senior technical service engineers can provide you with accurate on-site selection services according to the characteristics of the equipment and different processes.

      Debugging is more professional.

      Dabai Electronics Technology Team has rich practical experience, and has been strongly supported by manufacturers and domestic factory technical experts.

      About us

      Dabai Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has an experienced and highly skilled service team. Products include Huichuan inverter, Huichuan servo motor, Huichuan PLC, Huichuan touch screen sales and other industrial control products, which are widely used in heavy industry machinery, electronic equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, tobacco machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, auto parts production flow line, inkjet, position control and other industrial fields. Since its establishment, with the joint efforts of all staff and the strong support of customers and industry colleagues, the company has rapidly expanded its business, covering all provinces and autonomous regions in China. In line with the business policy of "providing customers with solutions in the field of industrial control", the enterprise is committed to the spirit of seeking truth and refinement in dealing with customers, and uses technology to solve customers' industrial control problems and save production costs, so as to promote the development of production automation. Technical services: our company can undertake the design of the whole set of automation system, provide automation products, technical maintenance of automation system and equipment transformation services according to the requirements of customers.
      Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on automation, digitization and intelligence in the industrial field, focusing on the core technologies of "information layer, control layer, drive layer, execution layer and sensor layer".

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